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What makes Spanish Roast Coffee different? We blend natural roasted coffee with sugar roasted coffee
Sugar roasted coffee goes by the Spanish name "Torrefacto".
"Torrefacto" is the practice of adding sugar to coffee beans during the roasting process.
The sugar burns and the beans wind up coated in a shiny black film.
This glossy coating protects the beans from oxidisation as torrefacto was originally a preservation method.
Post roast coffee blending is not common in New Zealand and a common blend for example would be 75% natural roasted coffee and 25% Sugar roasted coffee.

The results are!

- The sugar roasting process reduces the acidity and helps the natural coffee flavour to come through.
- It increases the antioxidants in the coffee. Sugar Roasted coffee was found to have higher antioxidant properties than that of normal coffee.
- Sugar roasted coffee darkens the coffee. Of course, the sugar goes dark so the coffee goes dark, this makes coffee with milk look better.
Spanish Coffee